Friday, January 8, 2010

Buy Local (Talent): Brenda Carrasco

Brenda cares about consumption. Brenda cares about a person's passions. Brenda cares about maximizing time and minimizing waste. There are a lot of consultants out there who try to roll out new models for the sake of proving how cool and different they are. Through her works as owner of Doctored Designs, Brenda Carrasco creates and sources tools that will have a true impact on the people with whom she works.

Probably one of the most fun people with whom to share a whiteboard, Brenda is the master of using stick figures and basic shapes to communicate a complex idea. She sees patterns very quickly and this talent makes her good at her craft. If you ever wonder about your identity or purpose, spend an afternoon with BC and she'll help ya see that the patterns of your life (especially passions that have existed from early childhood) can be drivers for happiness and fulfillment today. The doctor will see you now.


Below is more information about Brenda Carrasco.

Brenda Carrasco, identity specialist and owner of Doctored Designs

Doctored Designs specializes in the development and communication of personal identities. Brenda offers tools and coaching to help people strengthen and show their identity in a career, home, or social setting.

Unlike traditional career development or life coaching, Doctored Designs offers a complete system that includes all things identity. As an identity/career developer, Brenda Carrasco, will inventory a person's entire life and then design a customized action plan around the professional and personal desires of each individual. Doctored Designs services include a summary of a person's identity, comparison studies of other people with similar strengths, and a plan for short and long term change designed to help you align your true self with what you do, say, and buy.

During these tough economic times, many Fresnans are going through a difficult life or career transition where the new path is not clearly defined. Having to find a new career and redefine oneself can be a stressful life change. Brenda specializes in helping people define their path so they can move forward into the next stage of life with enthusiasm and support. She helps people fill up their time schedule with the things they love and find more meaningful, ultimately creating greater fulfillment in all areas of life.

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