Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buy Local (Talent): Bradley Fitzhenry

Redheads are all the rage recently (thanks to Conan). I thought I'd capitalize on the trending topic and highlight a smart and talented redhead from Fresno, Bradley Fitzhenry. The thing I appreciate about Bradley is his intensity and passion for his craft. From design to music to producing shows to saving Fresno from Fresno, Bradley has high standards and hold people accountable.

Bradley has helped a lot of companies with identity and branding over the past 18 years. I've had the opportunity to see him in action as he help organize and promote shows in town. The other thing to consider is that he is one hell of a nice guy. Sure, people may get bristly when working within Bradley's high standards, but they appreciate the results on the other end. Results are what matter to Bradley. Results often drive satisfaction. He knows a client is rarely dissatisfied when goals are reached.


Below is more information about Bradley Fitzhenry.

Bradley Fitzhenry -- owner or Vortex Design and Marketing as well as proprietor of

Marketing, Graphic and Packaging Design, Public Relations through Vortex Design and Marketing, the company he is currently rebooting. He's done design work for the Tower Theater (season brochures, poster design, direct mail), Echo Restaurant (logo and identity design), Daily Planet Restaurant (logo design, advertising), Silva Designs (logo and identity design), Tower District Marketing Committee (street banners, advertising, poster design), TW Patterson Building (logo, identity system), just to name a few. is his music/event production baby.

Bradley is a small business marketing specialist, with a deep understanding of the rigors of marketing unusual unique products/services in a competitive marketplace with an eye to the bottom line. Specific experience in event, arts, specialty food, specialty print arenas employing strategies via traditional, guerrilla and social media marketing channels. Oh, and he's a pretty good house music DJ who has played all over the US.

Bradley has a successful track record of taking $1million companies to $5million, and $5million to $10million. He thinks that's a pretty good reason (and I would agree). And because he is smart, fun, conscientious, hard-working fresno-native with a penchant for quality.

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