Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Buy Local (Talent): Layne Lev

Layne can pose with arms crossed in a smug fashion, because he is a stud. Actually, he is not smug at all. Layne is a killer designer and a pretty kick-ass wordsmith (try challenging him on Words with Friends user: LayneLev).

Layne's company, Hundred10 Design, does quality work for quality clients. He does a lot of work for some big brands (local and out-of-town). I guess you should only work with Layne if you want things done right. If you are lazy, dumb, or boring, have your nephew "design" your website.


Below is more information about Layne Lev.

Layne Lev––partner in Hundred10, Fresno boomerang, and Words with Friends Specialist

Hundred10 tackles all types of graphic design projects but the firm's main specialty is web site design and development.

Layne has amazing attention to the "design" part of web design. He puts a tremendous amount of thought into user interaction and how to properly advance the brand in the web space.

Layne has been lucky enough to work with some pretty big names on the web - Netflix, Monster.com, Keynote Systems - in addition to some great local companies like EYE-Q Vision Care, Granville Homes, and Fresno State University. Last year, the firm were recognized with a national Addy for its work on the Pangea Restaurant web site.

Layne admitted that he is proud that Hundred can get some of those companies to look in Fresno's direction for that kind of work now. Ten years ago, that probably wouldn't have happened.

follow Layne on Twitter: @LayneLev


  1. Thanks Travis. I do want to point out that all of the work coming out of Hundred10 is overseen by John Milly, our Art Director extraordinaire. I mostly show up for meetings and look smug.

  2. It's hard to be humble and smug...damn, you are good.

  3. Layne doesn't just look smug; he acts smug too. (Bonus!) But the talent and portfolio of Hundred10 makes up for it.

    Really bright guys.