Thursday, January 7, 2010

Buy Local (Talent): Kengi, Miles & Eric

Today it's a trifecta of coolness...a threesome with swagger. The fellas at Spline Motion Studios are funny, talented and appropriately geeky. What is better than working with 3D masters who enjoy a good beer, watch cartoons and refuse to tuck in their shirts?

From 3D renderings to crazy animation to interactive websites, Kengi, Miles and Eric can make your dreams a (virtual) reality. They are currently looking to break into the feature animation department. Spline Motion can be Fresno's very own Pixar. I'm sure the guys would enjoy that. So stop sending your 3D work to India and Canada, and give these guys a holla.


Below is more information about Kengi, Miles & Eric.

Kengi Her, Miles Wilhelm, Eric Spikes - Partners, Spline Motion Studios

3D Animation, Interactive Web Apps, Product Visuals

These guys visualize what can’t be seen, hasn’t been created or you wish existed.


Kengi fought hard to come to Fresno from Laos, Eric left Hawaii for Fresno and Miles has no place else to go. But they all have faith in this city. While most other animation studios are in the big cities getting lost in the mix, Spline Motion is rocking downtown Fresno trying to make a big noise and having fun while doing it.

follow Spline Motion on Twitter: @splinemotion


  1. I like these guys. They are smart, fun, & do good work. I just had lunch with Miles & Eric yesterday. They are my number 1 recommendation for architectural visualization and animation.

  2. These guys are so cool and smart. I <3 them.

  3. The Spline guys are personable, super creative and dependable. I've thoroughly enjoyed working on projects with them in the past. They can handle impossible deadlines without complaining and even put in extra touches of awesomeness while they're at it!