Thursday, January 14, 2010

Buy Local (Talent): Marc Lutz

Are you freaking kidding me? We have a legit cartoonist right here in Fresno? I know there are people who are talented artists, but I love me some good cartooning. Marc Lutz, a reporter with The Business Journal, is a hidden gem of a cartoonist. I've gotten to know Marc through his role as a journalist. I think the ability to communicate ideas in the written form and through crafty illustrations is wicked cool.

Look, I know most of my readers are not in the market for cartoons. I get that. But the point of profiling Marc isn't to convince you to hire him to do caricatures at your kid's stinkin' birthday. My point is to highlight the fact that his talent exists. Do with it what you want, but recognize and appreciate.

Since I was a youngster, I've always appreciated the fact that a comic strip can communicate so much in just a few frames. I guess that is what I hope to do with the TalentLocal series. Hey Marc, will you illustrate some of these posts?


Below is more information about Marc Lutz.

Marc Lutz -- journalist, master of ink, creator of Can Hed Comix and Unky Marco

Marc's main service is cartooning — comic strips, illustrations, graphic design and just about anything else that falls under that inky umbrella. He's been a cartoonist for 30 years, having developed, written and drawn printed and Web comics. Marc's have drawn his most popular strip “Can Hed Comix” since the early ’90s, building a significant fan base around the world.

Marc also offers writing, be it humor, technical, marketing related, screenplays, stories and the like.

Oh, then there’s the animation. He creates Flash cartoons.

If that is not enough, Marc builds puppets, too, though he admits that he's relatively new to that craft (his latest build is an almost life-sized zombie named Bob).

Marc labors to give people what they want and need. Having been in journalism (he does that too) for the past five years, Marc is able to take in all the information and churn out — in most cases — more than what the client thought possible. He also tries to challenge the people with whom he works to express their true selves and portray their product and/or service as they want the public to see it.

Marc has fresh eyes on this city. When he moved here just a short while ago, he was surprised to find such a large artistic community. In Marc's words, "Outside the borders of Fresno, you never hear about its thriving arts scene. I hope to become an integral part of that scene in every way possible to promote not just myself but all the talent that dwells here." I agree with Marc. The more the creative people, like Marc, can do here, the better it is for the community as a whole and for the people that commission them.

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