Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You can do magic... can do anything your heart desires.

So, I made this pledge to not buy drinks for myself for the remainder of the year. I've done pretty well and only purchased my own drink(s) on Friday the 13th (that is my holiday from magic). In my effort to score free booze, I've learned from a lot of people that magic isn't as geeky as I once thought.

I've been doing magic for about 8 years and generally use my powers for good (free drinks = powers being used for bad). I do kids parties, corporate events and often use magic when I teach or give presentations.

It never fails, people are engaged by magic. Even the doubters and naysayers seem to enjoy a good illusion or mind trick. Are cards involved? Yes, but only sometimes.

Here is my new power-for-good moment: I am going to hold a magically magic workshop for people--a training opportunity so others can learn how to use magic powers for good (or evil (i.e. free drinks)).

What would you like to learn in a Magically Magic Workshop?

1 comment:

  1. It cost me a drink, but I enjoyed the magic. I wish I could go to your class but I will be out of town.