Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Movies are Fun

Swede Fest 4 is Saturday in Fresno. According to the people who know in the 'no, this might be the only official (yet, unsanctioned) Swede Fest in the universe. So click on this link to get more info.

I decided to sit this one out and merely go as a spectator. I've submitted Swedes in the past, but my brain was dry this go around. That was until I was chatting with Floyd Sanchez from AntiLabs and told him that it would be cool to do a mocumentary on Comic Sans in the same fashion as the film Helvetica. Someone beat me to it (see below)...

So the new idea is to Swede a parody of the hipster film Art & Copy (screening Friday, November 13 at Tower Theater in Fresno). Floyd suggested calling it Clipart & Buzzwords.

I will state for the record that this is a brilliant idea.

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  1. Comic Sans is never better than Times New Roman. Um, is your Twitter widget set in Comic Sans? It looks silly.