Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Watch me pull cynaide out of my hat

This. Is. So. Cool.

A new book was recently published and it is immediately going on my Christmas list. The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception discusses way in which the CIA learned and used techniques from the world of magic in an effort to counter Soviet mind-control and interrogation tactics (see full story at the Sydney Morning Herald).

I am glad this book was published. Far too long people have thought that magic was best suited for kids parties, carnivals, and dudes walking around the street acting creepy. I content that there are several more applications. I use techniques from magic when I teach, attend business meetings, present to boards of directors, and socially to try and score a few free drinks. I promise to only use my powers for good, regardless of what I might learn from this book.

What applications do you see for magic? What is you opinion of the "craft"? I know some people claim that I might suffer from a Peter Pan complex, but I really do use my trickery for grown-up stuff (usually).

As an added note, I recently put together the bag-o-tricks participants will learn at the upcoming workshop. The skills and principles taught in this workshop will make you more engaging professionally and socially.

Thank you to @CircusMagic for bringing this book to my attention.

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