Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let's get political...Protector

The Protector is a person who combines a negative attitude toward politics with a moderate level of activity. A constant conspiracy theorist, the Protector tries to predict the political moves of others and anticipates the worst-case scenario. Watch them in meetings, they will document everything. Who knows when they will need to dig through their copious records to find a single statement that was made in passing.

The perfect bureaucrat. The Protector can sit the fence with the best of them. We have seen them in the office; they are quick to support the boss' decision, but will make note of the specifics. These notes are where this person finds the protection. They comb through minutes for inaccuracy.

The best way to work with them is to get them to commit. Let their position be made known and entered into public record. They are typically sitting on the fence and should be pointedly asked to choose a side.

The Protector needs to discover their own political value. When they come to a deeper realization, their political attitude will become more positive. If left unchecked, the Protector will gain strength in become increasingly active. Increased activity with a negative attitude s very difficult to manage.

How would you deal with a Protector?

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