Monday, March 14, 2011

Teach them well...nah, we can't afford it.

Time for some commentary. It's been a long time since I blogged. But I am sick and effing tired of what I keep reading about the current financial situation. Here is what is on the current chopping block:

First 5 funds
K-12 funding
High Education funding
Library funding

Let me get this straight, we have decided that we can no longer afford to invest in education and literacy?

I know people get hot-and-bothered about the need to fund public safety, but what about investing in the next generation. I do not think education should be funded only during times of surplus. Cuts have to be made someplace, but the areas I listed above need to be left intact. We are setting ourselves up for a bleak future.

What does this strategy say about our interest in longterm sustainability (of our economic system)?


  1. As a teacher, previous home-schooler, currently unemployed teacher, Admin Credential candidate and charter school developer, I'm curious....anybody out there in the business world think we should do anything about what Travis posted here? I do!

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