Friday, January 7, 2011

Where never was heard an encouraging word...

Ok, my tattoo has been pretty well documented. I really want to thank the folks at Tower Tattoo for donating the tattoo in the name of fighting hunger. I wish I was a better steward of the ink. In the midst of incredible excitement, I did not fully listen to the post-tat instructions. I put Saran Wrap on it to keep it clean while I slept.

Enter petri dish.

Bacteria grew...and grew...and grew.

I took a picture of the infected art, twitpic'd it, and was bombarded by a string of responses that made me think it was only a moment of time before my leg would be amputated.

@Travis Sheridan
Fighting Hunger earned us $100k...I just hope it didn't cost me a leg... #shootmeintheheadlikeahorse

uh is that normal? Wonder if anyone will donate to your prosthetic limb fund???

woah. Hope it gets better dude

holy shit. I've never seen an infected tattoo. Ouuuuch.

oh crap that's pretty red dude! But you know that, get better soon man.

Crap, dude. What are you using on that? That looks gnarly. :(

oh my god Travis. That doesn't look normal.

oh snaps!! What the hell happened there?!?! Yea not real good advertisement for where ever you got inked up man!!! U good?!?

just the green ink giving you problems?

by the way, that looks disgusting.

that doesnt look too good #understatement

Wow! that looks like it hurts :-/

damn 1st we lose to SLC and now this?!?!#screwwalmart!!!

you'd better talk to your artist and your doctor. that's disgusting.

if you're going to need a new leg, perhaps we could do a Kick Starter to raise the money


I don't think that says Fresno anymore!!!#imjustsayin!!! Ha!! I feel for ya man!! That looks painful!!

OMG!!!! I have never seen anything like that!!!! Hope it heals up!!!!

holy cow, that looks bad!

what did u do?

Wouldn't pass the cereal test anyway.

Do they sell prosthetic legs at Walmart?

I genuinely think you should seek medical attention tomorrow.

That's rock 'n' roll, dude. Rock 'n' roll.

it's like a train wreck..must not look, but, can't look away! I hope you had or will have a doctor check that out, seriously

If the first 5 layers of skin peel off might have a problem.

yikes! Don't think I've seen anybody scab that bad. I think ur ok. But Damn dude I'd get some A&D for that!

ew :)

ooh, that looks bad :(

man this walmart thing just keeps getting worse and worse:( sorry to hear this!

Thanks for the laughs, friends. I made it through the night. Barely. Taking antibiotics. Y'all kept me laughing!


  1. You know, now that I look at that picture again and compare it to the picture of you laying on the bench getting that tat, the colors look very similar to those hideous shorts you were wearing that day. Coincidence? I think not!!

  2. Harsh,
    I wore those same shorts when i got my last tat and there were no problems. You can't blame my poor style...this time.

  3. The leg and tatoo would look better amputated. LOL (I am so anti-this tatoo!) :)

  4. Hmmm, that green does look like the color of the pigs in Angry Birds. Walmart HQ retaliation?

  5. I think it's quite fitting for Fresno. Kudos for taking a risk growing pot on your leg.