Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Google & the Mark of the Beast?


So, I have joked for a long time that Google could be the anti-Christ (well, them or Apple). But today my greatest fear, the fear instilled in me by my Great Uncle Bob a fire and brimstone preacher, was confirmed when I opened Chrome. Google's logo was replaced with a bar code. People have long thought that the mark of the beast was going to be in the form of a bar code. The bar code was introduced to the mainstream in the mid-seventies during the height of the Jesus movement. The Jesus Freaks got scared and paranoia was born (wonder if the pot they were smoking could have caused some of that paranoia?).

Now this post is not a ploy to generate hits to my blog in a "talk-about-Google-and people-will-click-through sort of fashion. My Twitter buddy, Dennis, already warned about the impact of name dropping on a blog. His recent Intel post caused an amazing spike, but was not intentional. Hey, us bloggers love Google Analytics, right?

I want my posts to add some value or at least be thought provoking.

So think about this: How strong does a brand need to be to remove its logo?

This post is more about the power of the Google brand. Raise your hand (figuratively) if you have sipped the Google Kool-Aid? You know who you have a gmail account or use Google Chat or are hoping to be picked to play with Google Wave or carry an Android or...or...or. What was once a cool little search engine has quickly risen to rule the Internets. People are clamoring to join the Google cult and then the "chosen" feel blessed and immediately start to share the good news--the Google Gospel, if you will. The brand is so strong that they can afford to replace their logo, their brandmark, with whatever they please. You know a brand is strong when they can take away the iconic image and actually increase the equity.

This level of brand power is not of this world. It is obvious that Google is Satan incarnate. The end times are among us.

I jest, but I want you to consider this...Since most brands want to achieve success in Googlepic proportions, what are they doing to strengthen their brand without selling their soul to the devil?

Damn, Google is hella strong. They can be completely open about their relationship with Beelzebub.

UPDATE: Further evidence of Google's evil intentions can be seen in its palindrome stock symbol: GOOG. Any good cult seeks to control your thoughts and actions. Look closely at the stock symbol. Google is telling you to GO this way --> and that way <-- OG. It's as if the word "GO" is admiring itself in the mirror (vanity and conceit are other traits of the anti-Christ). We find our way around the internet because Google controls where we GO...That is probably why they launched Chrome (control your browsing) and will soon release a full operating system (control how we operate).


  1. A friend was telling me that he won't use gmail, etc. because of privacy concerns and I told him (a bit tongue in cheek), Google is king, and if the king wants our private info, he is entitled to it. Yesterday, a student with whom I work closely asked me to give her my availability so she could schedule some research-related events for me more easily, and I told her to get on Google calendar -- my whole schedule is right there. I really wonder where Google will go next...

  2. Google' apps have really increased the sharing of information across groups. They will probably strike big when they release their operating system...

    Google is capturing every keystroke as I type this...

  3. I double and triple heart google. How would I find anything out in the world without it? I don't even remember life before it. BUT, I have to say I am hating the barcode brand they are using today. First, it's not aesthetically pleasing. Second, I must have been raised in the same school of thought that you were (wink, wink), because the mark of the beast was the FIRST thing I thought of. I see the world through "rose colored glasses" now, I don't like to be reminded of child hood teachings of demons and devils or- בעל זבוב -himself. Find something else to commemorate. But I guess it has created some BUZZ. The fact that we are even having this conversation shows the power of Google.

  4. It is funny that you had the same initial thought. Maybe we are both a little brainwashed to be suspicious...We were both baptized on the same day and it was Halloween...good times.

  5. The irony of it all is that I used Google to look up the Hebrew spelling of Beezlebub. :)

    Halloween is still MY favorite holiday.

    I would be curious to see a poll using the image of the barcode....present it to people and ask them "What's the first thing that comes to mind"? See the power of that brand?

  6. What would happen if we scanned Google's Barcode?