Friday, September 4, 2009

eHarmony: Arceneaux & Arsenio

Thanks to my friends at the Fresno Bee, I have learned that drinking, altitude and six-year old boys do not mix. While the act of becoming overcome with lustful desire for a child is deplorable, maybe the attraction was too much for Krista Arceneaux to fight off.

Let's plug some facts into Dr. Niel Clark Warren's eHarmony machine to see if an Krista Arceneaux & Arsenio macth would be better...

Favorite Movie
Arsenio: Coming to America
Arceneaux: He Really Not That Into You
Compatability: 40%

Favorite Song
Arsenio: Straight Up (Paula Abdul)
Arceneaux: Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
Compatability: 50%

Favorite Hobby
Arsenio: Living in Eddie Murphy's shadow
Arceneaux: Lurking in the shadows
Compatability: 90%

Catch Phrase
Arsenio: Things that make you go hmmm
Arceneaux: Kids that make you go mmmm
Compatability: 90%

Results...Arsenio should stay far away. Arsenio, I know you could use the publicity, but really dude...let it go. If you need to hang on to your career, I'll be happy to introduce you to my buddy, Timmy T.

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