Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don't shake the homeless...

So I was in San Francisco recently and stayed in the Tenderloin District. I like the grit, atmosphere and character(s). I also knew I could trust my handy dandy iPhone to help make my trip mo' better. I was in an urban environment, so I decided to use UrbanSpoon to locate a good breakfast spot.

With a couple of shakes, I found the ideal spot for breakfast: Dottie's True Blue Cafe. There was a line. UrbanSpoon mentioned the line. I didn't mind the line. There were only a few tables inside. UrbanSpoon mentioned that as well. There was no air conditioning (it is San Francisco, I know) and it was hot as an oven. UrbanSpoon didn't mention that. Not wanting to wait in a long line and sit in a crowded and hot restaurant, I needed tofind an alternative breakfast place.
UrbanSpoon, might not know the current maintenance needs of an establishment.

But I found a reliable source...

A nice free spirit (aka homeless person) overheard my plight and jumped into action. She said that the Olympic Flame Cafe was just arou
nd the corner and had wonderful food.

Why should I believe the recommendation of a homeless person? I think it is very wise to trust a person who only has $1.75 to spend on food each day. In my opinion, she knew where I could get the most bang for my buck. I viewed it as if that is where she would go if she only had one meal to eat (I know it is a bit of a reach).

I'm just glad I liked her first choice. It would've been very uncool to shake this poor lady just to get her to offer up another alternative.

UrbanSpoon: 0
Homeless Lady: 1


  1. The question is, was the food at Olympic Flame Cafe so good that you didn't want to shake the homeless person after eating there from her referral?

  2. Thanks for the laugh / urban insight. My brother needs to get his shit together and open the late night breakfast place in Fresno he's talked about. It's the kinda place a homeless person would recommend.