Monday, July 6, 2009

Recession Proof the 4th

I spent the Fourth of July with some friends. It was cool and I even brought some fireworks for others to light (I do not like lighting fireworks myself). Now, I kinda regifted the family pack I brought, but in this economy, it is perfectly fine to regift stuff.

I personally don't think watching fountains of sparks is all that
exciting. They are all pretty much the
same...and then there was this one.

There was actually a fountain called the "Golden Shower." Really? Really.

I actually had more fun with the sparklers and listening to this kid named Cody make his own fireworks noises.

Why do we insist on spending tons-o-cash on cardboard and gun powder? If you really want to have fun, grab a camera, a kid and a box of sparklers. The rest will magically take care of itself.

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  1. I like the picture...super fresh.