Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the one:forty - Andy Rooney 2.0

So I have decided that blogs should contain programming that people can follow, learn from, digest and share. I'm not talking about becoming predictable, just reliable. I know that I am not announcing groundbreaking insight, I am just looking for ways to connect with the community. Over the past month of this site, I've enjoyed pounding away at the keyboard letting my brain spill on to the screen. Now I am going to add a different flavor to the site. So I am launching a new segment for called the one:forty.

Each week, I will publish a new episode of the one:forty (generally on Fridays...but who knows). It's kinda like Andy Rooney 2.0. I will look to the universe for content (I have a big-ass telescope). It will be a collection of observations from the worlds of branding, society, humor and the media. I will not spend the time ranting. It will be a minute and forty seconds of perspective, insight and a little bullshit. Not too worried about offending people.

In fact I'll even tease the first episode: The City of Fresno does not have an image problem. I'll prove to you that place branding is not used to solve image problems.

What topics would you like discussed?

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