Sunday, May 11, 2008


I am a professional consultant, entrepreneur, seasoned teacher, fun-loving magician and tormented writer/performer. With a background in organizational development and leadership, Travis have built a practice that uses a multi-disciplined approach to engage people. A seasoned performer, I seek to combine creativity with strategic thinking as I customizes events and activities that build a greater sense of community.

So this is my blog. My thoughts, opinions, and experiences as they related to my three favorite topics--Magic, Creativity and Leadership. I chose these three topics because of their inclusive nature. Most of the things that interest me, and possibly might interest you, can fall into these categories.

I will update as I can (at least once a week), but I invite you to chime in with comments or pithy banter. If I strike a nerve, please say so. If I am way off track, attempt to correct me. I do not mind. Have fun, read often, and refer even more often...