Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wow...that was awkward.

When I was in high school, I was a TA for sophomore biology. Let me rephrase that. I was the TA the spring semester, but was a student in the fall. I failed one semester of biology in my sophomore year and had to complete a full year in order to graduate. I was in class with student two years younger than me. No big deal.

I was not popular in school. I was kinda funny, but also kinda dorky (not the good grades kind). I had friends so I was happy. By the time my senior year rolled around I was finally comfortable in my skin. I found my niche on campus: Campus Life (churchy group).

Well, there was this girl in that group who was also in my biology class. Debbie (or Debra) was a sophomore and pretty cute. I remember that we flirted, but nothing serious. At one point I was single and it was football season. I was feeling brave and decided to ask Debbie to attend the football game with me. Harmless. To quote the Fresh Prince, "She agreed and we were on our way" (almost).

Then. Something. Happened.
I stood her up. You see, my ex-girlfriend called me and wanted to chat. She wanted us to work things out. I was stuck. Since Debbie and I were only going to go to a game and this other gal and I had history, I chose to chat with my ex...we did end up getting back together (and then broke up again).

Well, Debbie didn't like that. It was pretty lame. I was a stupid 17 year old. When it came time to sign yearbooks at the end of the year, Debbie had something to say.
Well, "I'm glad I met you" is a good way to start. It was fun to do things with you such as Project Serve stuff! Remember at that McDonalds where you first learned my middle name and you were telling us perverted jokes?? Remember you guys were all trying to yell at girls and you guys made me hide so they wouldn't see me? Or how 'bout that time you saw those hookers and you were all waving a dollar. Anyways, I guess he point is made. I've had a good time knowing you! And I hope that even though you're leaving me that we can continue our friendship forever. You take care of yourself and give me a call --> maybe, just maybe we can go do something just for fun. Like maybe that football game that you promised me at the beginning of the year and then dogged me on. Remember you lied to me! I'll never forget that. Anyways, that's enough!!
Good-bye have a good life!

Love Always,
Debra Lena Williams

I shared this story, because I ran into Debbie on Tuesday. It has been 18 years since I last saw her. And, like her yearbook note mentioned, she still remembered.

I was at Crossroads to catch some stand-up and enjoy the free pizza (every Tuesday, btw). I walked up to claim my free slice and there stood Debbie. She was serving up the slices and the shame. We exchanged an awkward hug once it was established we knew each other. I instantly owned up to being an a-hole 18 years ago. It was fun to relive the stupidity.

The part that floored me was when Debbie said that she had to fight with parents to go on this date that never happened. On Tuesday, she told me that her dad did not like her dating outside her race and she argued...and she won. She fought to hang out with me and I pooped on that. Wow.

Granted, that did not ruin her life. She is married and has three kids (I assume they are cute, because she was cute). But what I did was lame. Sorry, Debbie.

I better look through my yearbooks and head out on the amends making tour.


  1. WOW!.. Makes me wish that my yearbooks had not been "destroyed" so maybe I can read between the lines on all the messages in mine...I especially wish I could read what my current husband wrote in my yearbook...I have a feeling it would certainly be

  2. This is the beginning of your own "My Name is Earl" must go through your yearbook and make amends with everyone you did wrong!

  3. Well, that might take some time...I was really dumb in high school. Better get to work!

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