Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boozestorming: Drinking Outside the Box

Two things are best when flowing freely: Ideas & Liquor.

Recently, I was sitting in my backyard with some buddies enjoying some whiskey and talking about the changes we have seen in the world of creative shops (aka Ad Agencies). It was a fun discussion and we highlighted such things as smaller shops' ability to remain nimble and the security some clients have with larger agencies. There was a lot of back and forth, and in the end we came to some conclusions:
  1. The market no longer sees the same value in the $200+ billable rate charged by many larger agencies.
  2. The market expects the right team for the right project, but that does not mean they have to work together on every project.
  3. Smaller shops need to learn how to communicate stability and train clients to be comfortable with change.
  4. The next generation of creative shops is still under development.

This conversation was the genesis for Boozestorming. Thanks to my buddy Justin Bradley for providing the perfect tag line: Drinking Outside the Box.

Boozestorming is an opportunity for creative people to get together to solve problems or discuss topics. Think of it as Mad Men 2.0. Last week we met (first official meeting) and the topics ranged from Mel Gibson, Dealing with Crazy People, Insane Chicks, Fulton Mall, and Co-working. They process was not 100% refined, but it will get better. We even have a little structure now in how topics are discussed.

In the middle is the topic to be discussed. Easy enough.
Helpful Information
This section is used to list things that are known about the topic. Here you can also list resources that can help generate the best solution(s). Key facts or myths that exist.
Things to Try
What are some crazy (and not so crazy) solutions...specifically what are some behaviors that one can try? This part is important, because most solution require action. Lack of action generally lead to more of the same. Boo.
New Reality
Paint the picture. In this box folks should list what the situation looks like if solutions are implemented. How is the outcome better than the status quo? This will help sell the solution and generate greater buy-in.
Beverages Consumed
Is there a recipe for success that should me memorialized? Folks that participate can list the beverages consumed during the discussion of a particular topic. Same problem in the future? Pour me another glass of Maker's.

So important things to remember:
  • Please drink responsibly.
  • Revisit the solutions during a state of sobriety.
  • This is as much about getting to know others as it is about discussing issues. So make friends.

It was neat to see how many people left the Boozestorming session and friended or started following people they met at Boozestorming.
Connection were made.
Drink were shared.
Problems were solved.

Action Items:
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Join the Boozestorming Group on Facebook

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