Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's Next?

Next. When that is, who knows, but it's an interesting idea to think about what comes next in life. Sure, I have my ideas. And people often talk about God's plan or God's will. However, what about the value of the opinions of those from cyberspace? What if I genuinely sought the counsel of the internets?

Well, here is goes. Okay people, what's next?

Based on what you know of me and about me, I will take your input seriously and see what comes out of it. Other than the postings on my blog, here are some other tools to help you get to know Travis A. Sheridan:

Facebook Profile (gotta be my "friend" to view)
BipolarityOfLife (old blog)

I'll even Google myself for you.

Here's what I'm looking for:
1) Where should I live?
2) What should somebody (or you) hire me to do?
3) With what type of people should I surround myself?
4) If advice consists of burn in hell, I recommend deeper analysis.


  1. 1). Nashville or Austin.
    2). Depends on where you go. Just stay motivated and don't turn into a corporate douche.
    3). I vote Meghann and Justin in Nashville, but we will also visit Austin. It's still a hell of a lot closer than f*ckin Fresno.
    4). But you've been redeemed and witnesses "seen you redeemed..."

  2. Duh, this is a no-brainer.

    Move to midtown Sacramento where you will become friends with urban types and educate them on the value of Fresno. Revamp Sac's lame Pecha Kucha, attend 2nd Saturday art walks, become involved in State politics (much more challenging than Fresno's and incredibly readily available in Sacramento), take day trips to either the City, or Tahoe where you either go to jazz clubs or kayaking on the lake. For employment, work at Bayside Church as a graphic artist temporarily, until you make "ins" and become Director of a profitable non-profit with a community benefit (widespread in Sacramento), and teach part time at UC Davis in the Community Development program. You can even remain a republican and still have friends here.

    Continue picking up girls at church, and not on creepy online dating sites for bookworms.

  3. So what did you decide to do?