Thursday, May 6, 2010

Glass Doors + Bejeweled Blitz = Humility

I have just earned my "dumbass badge" on Bejeweled Blitz.

Yesterday I finally realized that sandwiches at Deli Delicious were more than just hype, they are damn good. So today I decided to venture back for another #29 (Albacore Tuna, Sprouts, Avocado & Cream Cheese) and I took my trusty iPhone with me. While there is no indication on my Facebook page that I play Bejeweled Blitz almost non-stop, I now have approximately 45 witnesses who can confirm that I am memorized by the game.

After placing my order to go and waiting patiently for number 117 to be called, I played Bejeweled Blitz to pass the time. The lady called number 117 twice. It wasn't that I didn't hear her. I did. I was just finishing my game. Each blitz is only a minute long, so I figured I can be momentarily rude. Karma is a bitch. I finished my game, grabbed my sandwich, and was still fussing with my iPhone as I attempted to leave the shop. Glass door, clear day, full sandwich shop and me not paying attention. Walk right into the glass. Loud thud. People saw that I was staring at my phone.

I was "that guy." The guy we all see around town. Can't maneuver through the world because he has to check his phone. I try, try, try to not be that guy, but today I really was.

I promise to not be that guy any more.

Stomach is full.
Ego is bruised.
New high score achieved.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while focusing on a stupid piece of technology?


  1. I recently scolded two boys for playing in the girls restroom at a park only to realize that I had entered the boys restroom.

  2. Awesome. I could only imagine the boys response. Did you just walk out and play it cool?

  3. Oh yeah. Dragging my three-year-old along with me!

  4. Blame the kid. That always works. Well, usually.

  5. i completely agree with you about deli delicious, but disagree with your sandwich choice. (i'm a philly cheesesteak girl myself)
    i think the world is a better place because of silly games like bejewled blitz. it makes me sort of happy that somone else is just as clumsy as i am. i've walked into trees while texting, but the best blooper i did was on live tv.
    in my defense, we were doing a morning promo (roller derby) on "great day" and i had been awake since 4 am. i was supposed to skate up to the announcer, say the derby name i'd picked for kim, and then skate away. i skated up and couldn't stop myself. ass over teakettle on live tv. i did get in the name i picked, except i was on the ground while saying it.
    it did make kopi's day =}