Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's get political...Cynic

The Cynic is a person who has a negative attitude toward office politics and manifests very little political activity. This person is the classic "avoider" type. They see people who play the game as slick performers and "yes men" who are shallow. The consistent doubter, the Cynic is known to have the best scoff in the office. They avoid risk and do nothing extra.

We all know the Cynic in our office. This is actually the most common political type. Think about it, the activity os generally low because all the Cynic has seen is the power of the negative. It is easier to scoff and sit back than to get involved.

There are ways to engage the Cynic and that is to listen for the scoff. That is the Cynic's mating call. They may not want to get involved behaviorally, but they do have an opinion. Listen for the scoff and then put them on the spot. As they Cynic is effectively engaged, they will move toward the right of the attitude side. They activity level may never pick up, but their attitude can be improved.

How do you deal with a political Cynic?

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  1. I try to engage them in ways that interest them. Understand what makes them tick and how to use that to your own advantage. Usually there is a reason they are being a cynic and most likely has nothing to do with you or your fellow co-workers. But also, a lot of times it is the company itself, management and team leaders who are causing the problem because they don't address individual issues or promote ways of inter-department communication.