Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kudos - It's about Validation

“ like me, right now, you like me.”

Sally Field was very excited to receive the recognition from the Academy in the form of an Oscar. In this world, testimonials serve as my Oscar trophy. There are a few things I do well...when I do, I collect the kind words.

Ed Stewart, Artist/Blogger
"Travis’ show was great. it was funny, it made you think, and he pulled a lot of unexpected things out of the bag. His honest reflections on his life experiencing poverty, prejudice and puberty was refreshing and fun."

Jaguar Bennett, Fresno Performer
"Funny, engaging and well worth seeing. I don’t know if Travis has performed before, but he knows how to work a crowd in a very natural way, and I’d like to see him perform more. He handles painful material very lightly — perhaps a little too lightly. He’s funny, but I think he might be funnier if he digs deeper into the tragedy."

Laura Fultz, Regional Conservation Organizer, Sierra

“Travis is a leader with clear communication skills. He directed the board members of Creative Fresno through a mission and vision process. The successful process guided Creative Fresno to implement many goals. Travis is a driving force in making Fresno a vibrant city.”

Ross Yukawa, Art Director, ASTONE
“Travis played an instrumental role in helping our company through rapid change. He attends to every subtle detail to ensure the participants are fully involved. He is a dynamic speaker with a humble confidence that makes him very approachable.”

Suzanne Bertz-Rosa, Contract Art Director & Marketing
Strategist, Bertz-Rosa Design

“Travis is a skilled facilitator and presenter. He has the ability to engage parties in a collaborative fashion. Travis is process focused, but realizes that people are part of the process.”

Amanda Gray, Account Coordinator, ASTONE
“Travis is the ultimate professional. While Travis possesses many strengths, his ability to change and mold corporations is a talent like none other. Travis will become apart of your organization, he will identify challenges, provide solutions and improve cross-departmental communications. He is a patient teacher, an enthusiastic and passionate motivator with the ability to provide your organization with results.”

Mark Stout, San Joaquin Valley Manager, Community &
Government Relations, Cleantech America, Inc.

“Travis is sharp and personable. An organizational powerhouse, he understands what makes people connect best.”

Michael Dunn, Executive Creative Director, D U N N brand
“Travis' work can be summed up in one word: smart. His work is always academically grounded, strategically sound and yet conscious of 'real' world business issues and timing. Travis has a keen sense for not only uncovering potential problems, but seeing opportunities that others may not notice. If you need a true thinker who can also produce work that has measurable business results, then Travis Sheridan should be on your speed dial.”

Cynthia Cooper, Planning Director, Fresno Coalition for Art,
Science & History

“Travis gave a well-thought out and effective presentation to our organization. He is both professional and approachable, two things I admire.”

Celeste A. Barron, Copywriter, ASTONE
“Working with Travis was an absolute joy. Incredibly intelligent and charmingly witty, Travis' humor and joie de vivre was apparent in all he did and every project he touched. I look forward to working with Travis again in the future.”

Craig Scharton, CEO, Central Valley Business Incubator
“Travis is an incredible asset for our community. He is involved in an organization that is making it more attractive for creative people to work and live in Fresno, called Creative Fresno. Travis is well-suited to a leadership role in everything he does; he takes
his board responsibilities to heart.”

Shelley McKenry, Sr. Account Leader, ASTONE
“Travis was a fabulous person to work with. He is highly intelligent and has a wonderful sense of humor. He works hard to exceed the goals of his clients and impresses them with his
knowledge. He also has a great sense of understanding people in general and his approach to conflict resolution is unsurpassed. I would highly recommend Travis.”

Linda Gleason, Chief Operating Office/Marketing Director,
Gleason Group

“I would have highlighted Travis as being personable except for the fact that this characteristic is readily evident the moment you meet him. He's a learner, he listens and he is quick to discern the important pieces. With those, he works to formulate an interactive
exchange of ideas in a way that promotes out of the box thinking that somehow stays rooted in who you are and what you believe in. This is a great way to create a brand that everybody can really learn to love...”

Erin Cameron, Producer/Director, ASTONE
“Travis is one of the few public speakers whom I can truly say brings a smile to a crowd’s face. He has the rare ability to effectively communicate clear and concise ideas while keeping his audience engaged the entire time. Travis has a keen ability to identify the trouble areas in a company and address the issues in a way that provides useful real-world solutions. If you listen closely in the hallways after one of his presentations you will definitely hear people saying, ‘Wow, that was a good.’”

Paul Pierce, Organization Design and Development

“I have known Travis for years. We first met when he was a student in a leadership class at Alliant International University. He was also in several retreats and meetings I facilitated. Travis is bright, insightful, bold and creative in his approach to organization development. Always a pleasure to work with.”

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